ESG & Sustainability Reporting Software

Leverage esgTRACK – our scalable & customizable SaaS solution. Make easy work
tracking & reporting all your processes under Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG).

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Expedite reaching your ESG milestones

Digitize tracking all your ESG activities and reporting processes. Ensure you are
right on track to achieve your targeted program goals.


Track environmental parameters of measurement under Emissions, Water Scarcity, Waste Management, Biodiversity, and Natural Resources. Stay compliant with environmental standards and be aware of how much you contribute to environmental sustainability.


Our sustainability and ESG tracking software assist you to stay on top your all processes defining your business relationships that include Diversity, Human Rights, Community, Health & Safety, and Labor Relations.


Keep accurate track of all your corporate account and stakeholder management processes, including Businesses Capital Management, Board Oversight, Shareholder Rights, Executive Compensation, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, and Business Ethics. Make accurate decisions, stay compliant, and meet stakeholder demands.


Why use esgTRACK?

With esgTRACK, you can minimize company risk due to ESG activities resulting in investors wanting
to invest in your firms. Using esgTRACK can benefit the following:


Attract Investors

Nowadays, stakeholders are interested in ESG reports and begin making investment decisions based on company ESG practice. With esgTRACK company can track all the E, S, G initiatives’ business data and produce reports on one platform. It will generate opportunities for a company to gain new partners.


Stay Transparent

Professionals typically think companies who do not report ESG consider they are hiding something. Increase transparency using our Sustainability & ESG Reporting Software
and build trust.


Improve ESG Rating

Ratings and reviews are invaluable sources of feedback. Use esgTRACK and make your company ESG compliant. Doing this will cause a good impression on your company and ameliorate your ESG rating value.

easy is it?

  • Centralize data storage.
  • Streamline activity tracking.
  • Effortlessly manage programs/mitigation activities.
  • Measure progress using reports & dashboards.

Cutting-edge features for streamlining your
ESG processes


Pre-configured Processes

One-click consumption of pre-built process configurations under “Environmental,” “Social,” and “Governance.”


User-Defined Process

Entirely create your own custom process, set up process wizard, and all associated elements.


Process Wizard

Define new or use pre-configured data models, activity and program tracking, and reporting for any given process.


Custom Data Modelling

Configure & customize your data models with a seamless drag and drop builder.


Data Centralization

Store all process-related data in a central repository.


Program Workflows

Use BPMN workflow designer to route and track all your program flows.


Custom Notifications

Configure and trigger custom-notification at any stage of your ESG process.


Ad-hoc & Canned Reports

Prepare and use ad-hoc & canned ESG reports and populate them with performance metrics.


Comprehensive Dashboards

Visualize graphs and tables with ESG Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with all-in-one dashboards.


Emission Calculations

Calculate Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions in just a single click using an electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM) software.


Document Recognition & Management (DRM)

Auto-extract & validate project data from documents using DRM.


Third-party Integrations

Connect with any of your process-specific applications and keep all your data synchronized.


Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC)

Configure and control roles, users, and access controls to each process, wizard, and element.


Dedicated Tenant

A dedicated esgTRACK tenant will encompass only your company-specific portal and platform configurations.


Dedicated Customer Portal

A top-notch UI customer portal for your company to effortlessly perform all your ESG tracking and reporting activities.



Audit Management

Expedite energy audits and inspections for ensuring compliance.


Progress Monitoring

Track progress towards your ESG goals and plan future initiatives.



Ensure compliance with regulatory authorities and meet all requirements.


Goal Tracking

Establish sustainability goals and objectives and operationalize your directives.



Keep your stakeholders informed about your initiatives, targets, and progress.

Get a 360-degree view
by tracking and reporting multi-channel data

ReSULTS - ANB's implementation framework positively impacts quality of delivery, client satisfaction, and strategic performance.

ESG Frequently
Asked Questions

What is Sustainability & ESG Reporting Software?

Sustainability and ESG Report tracking software provide an automated tracking system that helps analyze the performance of Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG).

What is the objective of Sustainability & ESG Reporting Software?

esgTRACK helps organizations track Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) performance to overcome the economic risk an organization encounters from ESG.

Why is ESG tracking important to organizations?

ESG tracking & reporting is a sign of powerful corporate Leadership. It leads investors to measure your ESG Performance and invest in your companies.

Digitize your ESG process and impress your business stakeholders