eTRM - Central Repository of Technical Reference Manuals

An all-inclusive feature suite to digitize managing your Technical Reference Manuals

Measure Components


Set up detailed information on the energy authority and map appropriate measures with them.

TRM Versions

Create multiple TRM versions with dates and respective authorities. Map appropriate measures.


Configure customizable templates to capture all measure information and use them during measure creation.


Group similar measures as categories. Compare their savings data whenever needed.


Upload and store source documents of measures and other specific files and link it to a measure.


Set up your different target markets specific to each energy efficiency program and use it in measure descriptions.

Program Types

Store information about all your energy efficiency and DSM programs and view them all at once.


Create constants of any data type and/or lookup tables to lookup while setting up measure specifications.

Measure Configuration


Configure high level measure information and use defined templates and enter complete measure description.


Configure measure specifications, data lookups, outputs, and complex algorithms for calculating energy savings.


Map measure-specific documents across a measure and access it whenever needed.

Version History

List all different versions of the same measure. Compare measure data and savings across versions.

Measure Consumption

Measure Catalog

Display all published measures. Add filters by authorities, duration, markets, categories, and program types.


Cutting-edge user-interface to view the entire documentation of a particular measure.


Change input measure specification values and instantly see how the defined output values change accordingly.


Enter or upload thousands of combinations of measure input values and see the savings output for each of them.

Compare Measures

View all measures in the same category as the currently opened measure in a single page.


Use APIs to calculate measure savings for both single input as well as permutations of measure specifications, in one go.


Analyze measure performance using graphical representations of number of measure calls and calculations.

Custom Print

Custom print TRMs by defining measure grouping and ordering criteria based on measure category, program type, and market.



Configure your workflows and link them with the respective measures, data models, and instances.


Design your workflows using the seamless workflow designer tool. Automate measure processes using flows and triggers.



Personalize your platform look and feel of all pages and elements using themes, logos, and colors.


Drive more participation using ad banners promoting your energy efficiency and demand-side management programs.

Dual Language

Switch platform language between English and French languages with the click of a button.

Add to Cart

Add multiple measures or multiple instances of the same measure into cart and find their total energy savings.

Platform Control

User Management

Create users, map them to organizations, and restrict platform control by assigning user-defined roles.

Role Management

Create custom roles with precise permissions for each module/attribute. Set rules at measure or action level.


Connect eTRM with any third-party application using APIs. Securely pull measure data, run calculations, and push outputs.

Email Notifications

Create email notifications and auto-trigger emails on the occurrence of any event in your workflows.

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