ANB's All-in-one Unified Mobile App

ZAPture is ANB's configurable, SaaS-based mobile development platform designed to capture and manage various field visits easily and effectively. The mobile application also supports offline capabilities for data and document collection and has the ability to synchronize with the consuming applications when online.

Scan the QR code with your
phone’s camera to download the app.

Device Agnostic

ZAPture is cross-platform compatible (iOS and Android) and will be supported on both mobile phones and tablet devices.


Expedite field visit operations

Pocket-size app for automating audits, inspections and, work schedules.


Cut down the effort

Minimize most of the coding effort with cutting-edge low-code tools.

One app to replace them all!

Jumpstart productivity and feel more organized by managing multiple mobile solutions in one app.


Effortless configuration

Easily set up the process flow and other support configurations necessary for automating the tracking process.

Digitized workplace at your fingertips

Once logged in, you can

Key Benefits


ZAPture enables instantaneous data and document capture during field visits and synchronizes data with any of your consuming desktop applications.


Users can create applications, validate application data with documents, navigate application status, attach documents, and notify stakeholders, directly using the app.


It provides flexibility in data collection and synchronization through offline mode capability.


The app’s DRM (Document Recognition & Management) features shift users towards a much simpler user experience of click, capture, and select.


The solution centralizes all applications & accounts under one platform, navigable in a single click. This eliminates the need to install multiple apps for different field visit activities. Facilitating user-friendly data entry screens will lead to reduced time and errors in the data collection process.


ZAPture users can configure their app to look uniquely. Users can have their own look and feel by configuring the font, color, and theme.


APP Setup

Download from the
Play/app store

Install in the
mobile devices

Sign in into
your account

Let ZAPture
build the apps

Capture & track
data and documents

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can multiple users access ZAPture at a time?

Yes, multiple users can access with their respective ZAPture login at a time.

Can I use ZAPture in offline?

Yes, offline data get stored in app and will be synced once its online. Also, you can control the data visibility of the ZAPture during offline mode.

What makes ZAPture mobile app unique?

Unique ZAPture mobile features include:

  • Data-intake Forms
  • Document Requirements (including media file attachments)
  • Document Extraction Services
  • Document Generation Services
  • Notifications
  • Workflows and Rules

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