eTRACK+ - Workflow Management Solutions for Energy Efficiency Programs

Comprehensive feature suite for top notch configuration, customization, and control


Data Models

Data Dictionary

Configure data models and seamlessly capture omnichannel data for using in your processes.

UI Forms


Build top-notch user interfaces using a fully customizable form designer and map it with your data models and programs.

Elastic Search

Full Text Search

Perform searches to any degree of depth in your data dictionary based on the data model attributes you set up for searching.

Document Template Configuration


Link documents specific to processing each application, templatize document data formats, auto-generate documents from application, and more.

BPMN Workflow Designer


Design your workflow using a drag-and-drop BPMN workflow designer and set it up to match your process flow using nodes, gateways, events, and flows.

Design Report Models

Report Model Designer

Prepare report-specific models based on your reporting requirements using our best-in-class model designer interface.


Account-Level Settings

Account Settings

Secure your account using advanced security features and customize your platform look & feel, as well as set up system notifications.

Custom View Filter

Global Filter

Simplify your operations by filtering to view only relevant programs, projects, applications, invoices, and more, based on your configuration.

Reocrd Protection - Lock/Unlock

Lock & Release

Lock records from being updated by others and protect it. Override lock by releasing lock as and when needed and enable editing.

Mapping Measures with Programs for Computations

Measure Mapping

Map measure specifications and outputs with programs. eTRM computes and passes on measure savings & rebates to eTRACK+.

Manual Workflow Status Update

Workflow Override

Manually change workflow status of any application in both forward and backward direction if required.

Data Management

Page-wise Product Tutorial Content

Help Content

Set up program-specific help content and make sure all users and customers find detailed information about what they need to know.

Data Lookup from Models


Instantly extract and/or update data present in any data model inside any third-party application, based on an input or a set of inputs.



Define a collection of references and lookup values to be displayed for users to select one of them while entering data in the transaction pages.

system icon

System References

Define a collection of common system defined list used across different program instances.


Email Notifications - Event-based Auto-trigger


Create & run jobs on document templates to standardize content that are mandatory for users to provide while uploading documents.

notification icon


Prepare tailor-made designs of email templates for notifying users at different stages of the workflow or during different trigger events.


Business Rules - User Data Validation


Validate user data for completeness and consistency at every needed point of the workflow by setting up appropriate business rules in no time.

Flows - Background Process Automation


Automatically execute all background processes associated with completion or start of any event trigger such as workflow stage, data model update, and more.


Hooks - API-based Data Transfer


Complete all API transactions with any third-party application by wrapping them up within your flows and quickly complete all your background processes.

Plugins- On-demand API Calls


Make on-demand API calls for fetching data directly to your user-interface from any third-party application and instantaneously work with them.


System Alerts - Custom Notifications


Make users aware of any news such as program updates with custom designed alert templates and messages for a user-defined recipient list.

Custom-designed Email Notifications

Bulk Email

Send emails to recipients satisfying any criteria you define, at any stage of your workflow, and send any custom designed email.

Feel the comfort of working with a cutting-edge workflow management platform with powerful features