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Publish energy efficiency measures using our robust and scalable electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM) solution

  • Development environment for measures
  • Repository of measures by jurisdiction
  • Version control over measures
  • One-click energy savings calculator

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What can you do?

Central Repository for Technical Reference Manuals


Publish and store all Technical Reference Manuals in a central electronic repository. Access measure data from any jurisdiction.

Sophesticated Calculation Engine - Energy Savings Computation


Compute energy savings of all energy efficient measures. Perform complex calculations in one-click using a sophisticated calculation engine.



Compare multiple measures in a single dashboard. Share comprehensive reports on measure savings data and other key findings to all stakeholders.

Power capabilities of eTRM

Eliminate hours of manual measure computations and centralize management of Technical Reference Manuals

Author your own TRM

Publish TRMs specific from any authority or author your own TRM. Set up measures with exhaustive information and store it seamlessly.


Connect with any third-party application such as excel calculators using APIs, securely pull measure information and run calculations.

Compare Measures

Comprehensively compare measure constraints, savings, incentives, and outputs across jurisdictions and measure versions.


Personalize your eTRM experience by customizing the look and feel of all platform pages and elements using themes, logo, and colors.

Print TRM

Custom print any jurisdiction TRM in desired formats and segment information based on program types, markets, measure categories, if needed.

What-if Analysis

Analyze scope of calculations by trying out different permutations of the measure inputs and instantly see how your energy savings change.


Engage your team in each step of editing, reviewing, authorship, and updating before publishing measures. Share extensive reports.


Set up measure specifications and complex algorithms. View outputs in one click using in-built single measure and permutation calculators.

Bulk API calls

Compute measure savings for either a single set of specifications or thousands of input permutations instantly through API calls.

Publish in any Language

Publish measures and set up your platform in multiple languages and operate in the language your utility works with.

Searchable Documentation

Custom search measure data based on jurisdictions, versions, programs, categories, markets, or any other minute detail attributed to measures.

Audit your Logs

Record changes made by users in measure templates, algorithms, versions, or other data and compare them with previous editions.

Simple to Complex Calculations

Set up complex algorithms and obtain results in one click irrespective of measure complexity. Calculate several permutations in one go.

Manage versions

Publish and compare different versions of same measure and find out what has changed. Map measures with measure and TRM versions.


Promote your energy efficiency measures and programs using a dedicated banner ad space and drive more participation and revenues.

Cutting-edge User Interface

eTRM is built with an easy-to-use interface built as a result of extensive research on feature grouping and layout rendering


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