Sustainability Software for ESG Tracking and Reporting

Achieve your ESG goals, make your ESG commitments a reality, and stay
compliant with ESG standards

Sustainability Software - Environmental Social and Governance

Cutting-edge features for streamlining your ESG processes

Elevate the way you collect data, track progress, and report findings

Power Generation Portfolio

Sustainability Strategy

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Management & Oversight of ESG

Scope 1 & Scope 2 Emissions

Sustainability Software - Emission Classification

Scope 3 Emissions

Purchased Goods & Services

Capital Goods

Transmission & Distribution Losses

Transportation of Purchased Products

Transportation of Purchased Products

Business & Employee Travel

Leased Assets

Use of Sold Products

Assess environmental performance both quantitatively and qualitatively

Get a 360-degree view by tracking and reporting multi-channel data

Steps in Sustainability Software

Typical Actionable ESG Process Flow

ESG Process Flow

ReSULTS - ANB's implementation framework positively impacts quality of delivery, client satisfaction, and strategic performance.

Stay informed about the latest developments in ESG trends, guidelines, technologies, and best practices

Digitize your ESG process and impress your business stakeholders