ZAPconnect - Effortlessly Track Distributed Generation Programs

Distributed Generation Program Tracking Software

Accelerate your Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) program by automating the entire workflow

Why ZAPconnect?

Use ZAPconnect - Powered by eTRACK+ and DRM, and leverage the following advantages

Eliminate Touchpoints for Reviewers

Automation takes care of almost the entire application review, and administrators only need to review flagged applications.

Automate Approval Process

Automated validation process results in high-quality applications that require minimal administrator oversight.

Reduces lead time

Process a single DER Interconnection application in minutes rather to months in case of manual processing.

Minimize errors

Reduce human input errors through automatic comparison of extracted document data against administrator requirements.

Increase approval efficiency

More approval efficiency through compressed decision cycles and reduced application errors.

Standardized Applications

Verify document entries against a configurable central database & standardize applications for greater regulatory compliance.

Achieve DER Interconnection process optimization

Here’s what you gain with just 20% applications confirming to ZAPconnect

Reduction in application review time
Reduction in reviewer count
Increase in productivity

Cutting-edge features

Principal capabilities that help you take complete control of the DER Interconnection program

Configurable Workflow

Configuration of the end-to-end Distributed Generation process for automatic workflow progression and instantaneous progress tracking.

Document Recognition System

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software extracts data from uploaded documents and prepopulates most form fields.

Rapid Application Processing

Automatically identifies missing/incorrect document fields, instantly updating application’s status for error correction before submission.

Application Standardization

Document entries are verified against a configurable central database, standardizing applications for greater regulatory compliance.

AI & ML Incorporation

Data-driven technology for approval forecasting and identification of errors from past rejections or issued PTOs.

API Based Integration

Seamless integration and collaboration with any of your business endpoints, namely GIS, CIS, using APIs.

Transform the way you look at your Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) programs

ReSULTS - ANB's implementation framework positively impacts quality of delivery, client satisfaction, and strategic performance.

ZAPconnect – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a demo of ZAPconnect?

Please apply for a demo by clicking here. Our ZAPconnect solution specialists will guide you by providing a detailed ZAPconnect demo and how it can be custom configured to suit your utility-specific needs.

How does ZAPconnect fit for my utility?

ZAPconnect, powered by the eTRACK+ platform, is a highly customizable solution that can implement any DER Interconnection workflow, however simple or complex it may be. Please schedule a demo by filling the above form or email us at, mentioning your requirements. Our team will guide you in detail.

Could you please let us know about the feature and pricing plan for this solution? Do you have a free trial?

Please scroll above on this page to learn more about the ZAPconnect features. We will let you know the information related to free trial and pricing after a preliminary assessment of your requirements.

Please tell us more about ZAPrebate.

ZAPrebate is a rebate application processing solution for utilities that can automate the rebate application workflow, like how ZAPconnect automates the DER Interconnection application workflow. We will be rolling out ZAPrebate and several solutions sequentially in the coming days, all of which under the subset ZAPply, each catering to a specific implementation solution for the energy sector. For more details on ZAPrebate, please email us at, and our ZAPrebate solution specialists will contact you soon.

What is a typical timeline for the implementation of the ZAPconnect solution?

The typical implementation timeline to get your complete DER Interconnection Workflow setup in ZAPconnect for your Utility is 2 – 3 months.

Is there a threshold number of applications that will make the solution cost-effective?

The greater the number of applications, the greater the savings you will realize, making the solution more cost-effective. In evaluating cost-effectiveness, all benefits should be considered, including the availability of all applications in a central web-based repository with access controls, the ability to report on various metrics, the reduction in staff time, the customer experience, and the history of user communications. All these put together will make every application of our solution cost-effective.

What are the other integrations needed to enable zero-touch approval?

The system is already integrated with NREL, GoSolar California, for certified equipment. Other integrations with utility-specific systems like CIS, GIS, will be required to integrate separately with ZAPconnect. ZAPconnect has the pre-defined capability to integrate with utility-specific systems.

We use a paper process now due to a low volume of applications. Would this system really benefit us?

The efficiency of ZAPconnect is not dependent on/related to the volume of DER Interconnection applications. Irrespective of the volume, it can reduce the manual effort and time required for processing DER applications.