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Our centralized electronic platform automates everything regardless of type of program, facilitating instant completion of complex manual processes

Energy Efficiency

Scale up program and increase popularity among residential and commercial customers

Facility Assessment

Expedite facility inspections and approvals by digitizing equipment data collection and processing

Rebate Tracking

Make customers happy through faster approval of rebates and incentivize energy efficient measures

DER Interconnection Agreement

Reduce the time to PTO (Permission to Operate) for commencing distributed generation at customer end

Community Solar

Expand the reach your community ownership and subscription programs by streamlining the entire process flow

Pole Attachment

Speed up and track all processes from online application submission to issuance of Permit to Attach.

HVAC Contractor Evaluator Tool

Instantly ascertain the best HVAC contractor available for service at a locality satisfying configured skillsets

Permit Tracking

Track the complete process of building, plumbing, electrical or other permit applications in a single dashboard.

Energy Efficiency Programs

Automate any process effortlessly

Comprehensive feature-suite that enables you to streamline process flow automations


Quickly set up the skeleton that governs your programs.

Top Capabilities:

  • Construct data models to store all data as well as publish data collection forms and pages
  • Outline your entire process workflow with all branching and validations
  • Set up conditions, business rules, and flows that accompany each step
  • Schedule jobs to create applications from documents, send notifications based on workflow status, and many more


Leverage any degree of customizations you want over all that you configure

Top Capabilities:

  • Implement any kind of application validation based on one or more business rules before submissions
  • Set up a task or sequence of tasks on each trigger, such as before or after completion of a step
  • Templatize documents, customer attachments, and email notifications to ensure consistency throughout
  • Create custom filters and searches on records and save them for ease-of-access later


Exercise complete control over all your configurations and customizations

Top Capabilities:

  • Grant platform access levels specific to each user and control who can do/see what.
  • Lock/unlock records such as payments, projects, and applications to control its modification


Keep your customers and program/project stakeholders informed as and when needed.

Top Capabilities:

  • Send personalized emails and/or show platform notifications to whoever & whenever necessary
  • Communicate actionable program/project insights from intuitive reports & dashboards

ReSULTS - ANB's implementation framework positively impacts quality of delivery, client satisfaction, and strategic performance.

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