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ANB Systems is a leading SaaS – BPM Software company with a primary footprint in the energy efficiency and distributed generation division of electric and gas utilities. ANB’s flagship product is eTRACK+ – a low-code workflow management system that allows end users to easily set up and administer programs tailored to their business processes and needs. ANB’s mission is to help clients bring disparate processes into an integrated platform that provides a real-time view of critical information and metrics. We do this by empowering people to be data savvy and embrace automation through data-tracking and reporting software. In August 2023 ANB Systems was acquired by DNV, and now operates as a DNV company. Enabling enhanced digital solutions to customers in the energy transition.

Our BPM solution suite can accelerate all kinds of programs

Energy Efficiency

Our solution suite has been tracking energy rebates, facility assessment and other energy efficiency programs for more than a decade.

Distributed Generation

Our business process management software for municipalities and cooperatives centralizes the end-to-end process tracking from application submission to PTO.

Demand Side Management

Leverage our flexible solution suite for transforming the way you manage your demand side management programs and applications.

ESG Tracking and Reporting

Effortlessly track all your environmental, social, and governance activities, as well as standardize reports using our configurable turnkey solution – esgTRACK.

Other Programs

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Our BPM software suite is entirely customizable to configure any end-user requirement.

Our Accomplishments in Energy Efficiency
Documents Processed
Energy Savings - Incentives
Measures Processed
Incentives Handled ($)
Electricity Saved
Electricity Saved
Electricity Saved (MWh)
Emissions Reduced
Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduced
Metric Tons

Our BPM Software Suite for Energy Efficiency Programs

Scalable Business Process Management Software

  • Configure and deploy workflows
  • Break free from complex coding
  • Integrate with applications and devices
Business Process Management Software

eTRM logo

Electronic Repository of Technical Reference Manuals

  • Seamlessly access measure data
  • Instantly calculate energy savings
  • Effortlessly create energy savings algorithms
eTRM - Business Process Management

ePLAN logo

Compute Cost Effectiveness of Energy Efficiency and DSM Programs

  • Easily define cost effectiveness tests
  • Evaluate program costs in no time
  • Report findings to stakeholders
ePLAN-Business Process Management Software

DRM Logo

Document Recognition and Management Solution

  • Classify, extract & organize document content
  • Eliminate PDFs and handwritten forms
  • Channel document data anywhere
DRM - Business Process Management

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DER Interconnection Processing Solution powered by eTRACK+ and DRM

  • Automate DER Interconnection workflows
  • Cut application processing time to minutes
  • Leverage optical character recognition and machine learning
  • Make zero-touch approvals a reality
ZAPconnect - BPM Software

ZAPconnect Logo

ESG & Sustainability Reporting Software

  • Expedite energy audits and inspections
  • Track progress towards your ESG goals and plan
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory authorities
  • Establish sustainability goals and objectives
ZAPconnect - BPM Software

Key Features of the BPM Software


ReSULTS - ANB's implementation framework positively impacts quality of delivery, client satisfaction, and strategic performance.

Leading energy companies who have transformed their business processes using our BPM software suite

CenterPoint Energy - BPM Software Consumer

BPM Solutions Client

ENE - BPM Software Client

PGE - BPM Software Client

Unitil - BPM Client

Oncor - BPM Application Client

Liberty - BPM Software User

TRC Companies - BPM Buyer

Avangrid - BPM Software User

UGI - BPM Software Client

City of Georgetown - BPM Application User

RMLD - Business Process Management Software Client

PSEG - BPM Application User

DNV - BPM Software Client

Masseechusetts - BPM Application User

Eversource Energy - BPM Customer

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