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A new age business process automation platform to develop and manage operations workflow. The highly scalable workflow management software is widely used by utilities to track energy efficiency and demand-side management programs as well as interconnection agreements. The platform is both a database as well as a tracking solution that works with any application process from start to fulfillment.

Developed to be the central repository of Technical Reference Manuals (TRMs) from all jurisdictions, eTRM facilitates the users to review measure data and calculate estimated energy savings. The highly flexible cloud-based platform facilitates transparency and collaboration between stakeholders within the platform to develop energy efficiency measures. Use eTRM to build your own technical manual or catalog or to dispense published information from other sources.

Conforming to National Standard Practices Manual (NSPM), ePLAN helps energy providers to evaluate cost effectiveness of an energy efficiency portfolio at all levels. With varying benefit-cost ratio at the program-level and measure level, ePLAN enables its users to instantaneously compute the levelized cost for an energy efficiency portfolio at all levels.

Document recognition is the process of classifying, extracting, digitizing and organising content from documents. Our Document Recognition and Management platform can process data from a variety of sources ranging from photos - e.g. meter displays/HVAC nameplates - to PDF’s and handwritten forms. DRM enables the user to retrieve information instantaneously based on content, metadata and tags. The output can be channelled to systems of your choice.

Testimonials And Clients

CenterPoint Energy

Energy Efficiency Analyst

The best system to rely on! Manage a huge amount of data in one place and make a huge difference with eTRACK+.

Oncor Electric Delivery

Senior Manager

eTRACK+ has increased the productivity of our installers and is increasing throughput. I imagined that eTRACK+ would allow us to manage our processing but I did not expect that the application would help increase the number of systems being installed as well.

Commonwealth Edison Co

Senior Analyst

eTRACK is the ERP for energy efficiency.

Company History

  1. Started ANB as a Consulting firm.

  2. Entered into the software space with a retail energy portal.

  3. First ANB Product - efficiencyTracker was developed.

  4. Implemented EEPM software for Oncor.

  5. Commenced offshore operations in Chennai.

  6. eTRACK v1 was launched.

  7. CenterPoint Energy signs up eTRACK.

  8. Numerous clients implemented eTRACK.

  9. Launched eTRACK+ and eTRM

  10. Introduction of ML & AI, and eTRACK+ Mobile

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