Energy Efficiency Tracking Software

eTRACK+ – a low-code energy efficiency (EE) tracking software that automates all your
EE programs through a simple, robust workflow engine.

Energy Efficiency Programs

One-stop solution for all your program tracking needs

energy efficiency tracking - Direct Install

Direct Install

Our platform helps track all your residential and commercial direct programs, such as replacing lighting, appliances, doors, window insulation, etc.

energy efficiency tracking software - Audit Program

Audit and Education

eTRACK+ can control and monitor your learning and home energy audits with web-based audit tools.

energy efficiency - rebate

Rebate and Loan

Accelerate your incentive and loan programs with our cutting-edge energy efficiency tracking software and make your customers happy.

energy efficiency tracking - DR

Demand Response (DR) Programs

Track your demand response programs and keep customers comfortable during times of peak energy load demands.

Energy Efficiency Tracking platform (eTRACK+)

fastens your process tracking



Exploit the power of eTRACK+ and automate all your repetitive processes.


Electronic Approach

Meet user demands faster with digitized data collection using online forms & digital signatures.


Mobile App

Expedite facility inspections, audits, and work schedules by a handy mobile app to speed up the approval process.


Advanced Energy Measure

Instantly calculate measure savings with electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM) solution.


Document Recognition & Management

Accelerate the energy efficiency process by extracting and validating document data with the help of DRM.

All-in-one capabilities for all your

energy efficiency tracking needs


Low-code Setup

Don’t code your process configurations! Just drag and drop all your workflows, forms, models, and notifications.


Top-notch UI

Design your energy efficiency forms, pages, workflows, and configure plenty more with the intuitive user interface.


Effortless Integration

Synchronize your applications with eTRACK+ using easy-to-use hooks and plugins. Quicken your activities such as payments.


Robust Security

Have your sensitive data encrypted, make use of role-based access controls, and protect your application with comprehensive security features.


Lightning Notifications

Automate follow-up notifications on pending tasks at any stage of your energy efficiency process.


Instant Reports

Send Ad-hoc or canned reports to your stakeholders and give a comprehensive vision of your program performance.

Here’s how you accelerate your

energy efficiency programs

Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency

Give up time-consuming processes, complex validations, and data transfers to the system. Speed up the whole process.

Mitigate Error

Mitigate Errors

You eliminate any possibility of missing or incorrect application data or documents that leads to incorrect application approvals/rejections.

Quick Approvals

Quick Approvals

Digitized process management means projects are approved within days or weeks rather than months.

Minimal Resources

Minimal Resources

Process automation leads to a reduction in human resources involved in your energy efficiency program management.

Smart Optimization

Smart Optimization

Understand your energy efficiency program KPIs using insightful reports & dashboards. Plan your program optimization smartly.

Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Faster and accurate approvals and rebates indicate increased customer satisfaction, more customers, and even repeat business.

Our Happy Customers

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