Turn-key Demand Response (DR) Program Tracking Software

eTRACK+ is a flexible and scalable, web-based business process management platform for program administrators and implementation contractors to manage all aspects of energy efficiency and demand response programs.

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    Track progress toward goals

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    Integrated data, actionable insights

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    Easy setup and 24/7 online access

Are you a DR Program Manager?
eTRACK+ is Specifically Tailored for you!


Define and effectively manage a portfolio of programs.


Collect program participation, segmentation, and survey data through various data entry modes, including direct user entry and web uploads (through Xls, CSV, txt, XML, and JSON file formats) APIs.


Streamline program participation processes through configurable workflows and business rules.


Facilitate customizable end-user-facing portals to manage customers’ / contractors’ interaction with utilities effectively.


Interface with internal and external third-party systems through integration mechanisms including sFTP, APIs, and web uploads.


Report on program participation and performance through built-in ad-hoc reports and dashboards.

How is eTRACK+ Effectively Set Up for DR Programs?


DR Tracking Platform - Refined with Decades of Experience!



eTRACK+ is programmed to adapt to business changes and regulatory requirements through a cloud-based workflow engine.



More than 25 utilities and government agencies trusted eTRACK+ to track their demand response programs and other DSM programs across North America and Canada.



Through system integrations, dashboards, and reporting, DR tracking system provides transparency to applicants and keeps stakeholders informed.

Capabilities of DR Program
Tracking Software

How are eTRACK+ customers a stand-out from the rest

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