Barcode Generation in eTRACK+

Author : Thomas Yeum

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    Whitepaper: Automatic Barcode GenerationANB Systems’ eTRACK+ handles rebate programs for energy conservation, energy use, and appliance loyalty benefits. As an integral part of eTRACK+’s functionality, it generates barcodes to be used in these cases. With the current state of generating and supplying rebates to customers, it is especially useful to have an internal barcode service that can do it all, as commercial barcode generation software can cost an upwards of thousands of dollars (EasyLabel, Barcodesinc, Tec-It). Moreover, having all barcode generating functionality available in-house seamless integration into eTRACK+’s codebase, as opposed to the possibility of awkward integration that accompanies the use of third-party technology.

    Energy rebates are the currency of energy saving benefits. They are often given as rewards for participation in energy conservation programs. The rebate is often a percentage discount off of an initial purchase of an item, whether it be heating, cooling units, home appliances, electricity, etc. This discount is provided to the supplier or retailer and exchanged for a refund. The transfer of such rewards from company to homeowner is often through the use of GS1 Databar Coupons. But why do these companies support such programs? Rebates are essential to promote energy efficiency practices.

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