Liberty Case Study: Promoting a Carbon Diet to your Customers

1 hour


Get access to the webinar recording and learn more about how Liberty has launched the Carbon Reduction Initiative (CRI) program that incentivizes residential and commercial establishments to reduce their carbon footprints.

Catherine Moore, Coordinator, Business & Community Development, Liberty, Adam Soulia, Gas, Business & Community Development, Liberty, and Tina Poirier, Senior Analyst, Reporting and Systems, Liberty, delivered a detailed presentation that encompasses:

  • An overview of the CRI program focusing on goals, incentives, and measure promotions.
  • Data-backed reasoning for the rise of natural gas as an alternative to fossil fuels to reduce global CO2 emissions
  • A live demo of the CRI rebate application and eTRACK+ that automated the entire workflow.
  • A summary of how the program automation spearheaded smart climate investments across residential & commercial establishments and companies.

About the Speakers


Catherine Moore

Coordinator, Business & Community Development


Adam Soulia

Manager, Business & Community Development


Tina Poirier

Senior Analyst, Reporting and Systems

Key Takeaways

Future Icon

Transition to a Low-Carbon Future

CRI Program Overview Icon

CRI Program Overview

Equipment Upgrades Icon

Equipment Upgrades & Weatherization

Live Demo Icon

CRI Rebate Application – Live Demo

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Benefits & Results

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