Prepare for Future ESG Reporting Requirements with esgTRACK

1 hour


ESG reporting will soon be either required or highly recommended by the financial industry.

Learn how your business can be ahead of the curve in tracking and reporting ESG metrics using ANB’s recently rolled out solution – esgTRACK

Access the webinar recording where Michael Stockard presented the following:

  • Overview of the increasing importance of ESG in the energy sector.
  • Insights into the significant bottlenecks faced by utilities in ESG data tracking and reporting.
  • Presentation of the architecture of esgTRACK – our state-of-the-art solution powered by eTRACK+ and eTRM for ESG data collection, tracking, and reporting.
  • Walkthrough of how esgTRACK streamlines tracking of two predominant emission sources of utilities:
    • Fleet Emissions
    • T&D Asset Emissions

About the Speaker


Michael Stockard

Stockard Energy Advising

Key Takeaways


ESG Trends


ESG Categories and Data Points


ESG Reporting Challenges


ANB’s Solution – Fleet Emission and T&D Asset Emission Tracking

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