Mass Save and NHSaves Case Study: Going Electronic with Statewide TRM’s

1 hour


Riley Hastings and Kiersten Williams delivered an insightful presentation encompassing everything energy providers need to know about electronic TRMs, as well as how and why Eversource Energy chose to move to an electronic format for NHSaves and Mass Save TRMs. Watch the webinar recording and learn on:

  • The Reasons for the Adoption of an electronic TRM and its advantages.
  • The predominant requirements in eTRM held by energy experts from Eversource such as accessibility and flexibility
  • The benefits of electronic hassle-free document updates and searches.
  • A live demo of the eTRM platform demonstrating the use of reliable savings values for evaluating efficiency measures and programs.
  • A guide on the development, maintenance, and updation of TRMs.

About the Speakers


Riley Hastings

Energy Efficiency Lead Analyst,
Eversource Energy


Kiersten Williams

Energy Efficiency Analyst,
Eversource Energy

Key Takeaways

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Reasons for Adoption of eTRM

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Mass Save – eTRM Setup Process

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Key Benefits

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Live Demo

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