Wednesday, June 22, 2022

12 PM – 1 PM Central Time

What's in it for you?

In this webinar, you will learn the power of some of the exciting new add-on capabilities of eTRACK+.

Topics at a Glance

New eTRACK+ Releases and Process Standardizations

New eTRACK+ Releases

  • Uploading and downloading multiple files & sorting based on the program requirement.
  • Using period and conditional-based search to quickly access the project.
  • Opting out & customize unsolicited emails from programs.
  • Utilizing manage list to configure program field context.
  • Analyzing user behavior and making astute decisions on program performance.

ANBassist - Streamlining Client Support Process

  • Know about ANBassist - a dedicated Support and Issue Tracking System powered by the eTRACK+ platform for handling the end-to-end support process.

ReSULTS - ANB's Implementation Framework for Clients

  • Manage and scale solutions with our six-step project management framework - ReSULTS (Requirement Gathering, Solutioning, User Acceptance Testing, Launch, Train, Support).

Bulk Data Entry in eTRACK+

JExcel Component

A high-level walkthrough of the toolkit that facilitates the acceleration of bulk data entry directly at the list pages instead of through individual forms.


The various business use cases and benefits of using JExcel for bulk data entry

JExcel Integration

Presentation on the integration of JExcel with ANB’s solution suite:

  • eTRACK+ Customer/Vendor Portals
  • eTRACK+ Platform
  • EEPM (Energy Efficiency Program Management)


Demonstration of one of our client’s portals to show how JExcel is used to save time and increase data entry efficiency.

Applications of Data Science

Fraud Detection

  • Understand how AI-powered algorithms classify documents to avoid fraud.

Object Detection

  • Explore how machine learning and deep learning can be used in object detection to automate the process.

Text Extraction Using NLP

  • Discover how natural language processing (NLP) uses OCR to scan nameplates and labels to extract entities from text.

NLP for Data Queries

  • Take a tour of how NLP understands English questions into machine-understandable queries to fetch data and provide insights.

Payment Gateway Integration

Explore how payment gateway can be integrated into any stage of your program workflow in eTRACK+, We will be presenting a live demo on how one of our clients have expedited the following payments under Distributed Generation (DG) projects.

  • Large system feasibility study fee
  • Small system equipment upgrade fee
  • Permit fee collection process


Abhishek Balakrishnan

Abhishek Balakrishnan


ANB Systems, Inc.


Siddharth Ramanujam

Energy Business Analyst

ANB Systems, Inc.


Adair Fulweber

Software Engineer

ANB Systems, Inc.

Aravind Satheesh

Aravind Satheesh

Energy Systems Analyst

ANB Systems, Inc.


Jose Espinoza Torres

Electric Engineering Supervisor

City Of Georgetown - Electric Department.

Michael Stockard

Michael Stockard


Stockard Energy Advising

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