New eTRACK+ Features

  • Introducing QuickReports, ANB’s proprietary reporting tool designed to enhance your data reporting experience. By removing the complexities of data preparation, and streamlines the process of creating insightful reports.
  • Easily configure surveys for any process, involving users, groups of users, available records, and external records. Employ email and SMS channels, while tracking participant responses on the survey responses screen.
  • Portfolio-level insights are easily accessible through Acumen’s user-friendly solution. Overcome process bottlenecks, achieve efficient workflows, faster insights, transparent data, and democratized research.
  • Utilize Acumen to detect unusual user-entered data values by analyzing statistical distributions in historical data. Configure context-based anomalies, such as identifying irregularities in annual operating hours for a specific facility type.
  • Streamline data and component migration between your sandbox & production environment using the enhanced Deployment Tool were it gives a option to select and review the configuration before deploying it.
  • Discover our recent endeavors in Proficiency Drives and eTRACK+ Everywhere. Experience comprehensive process support through our products, covering every operational facet.

Comfort Partners Program Implementation

Discover the transformative Comfort Partners Program implementation in New Jersey, powered by the eTRACK+ for handling the end-to-end process.

A Sneak Peek


Explore the backstory of the Comfort Partners Program system’s transition and improvements leading to implementation efficiencies, and enhanced data tracking.

Multi-Utility Engagements

Take a closer look at the landscape of coordinating with multiple utilities. Learn about the challenges that cropped up along the way and their solutions. Find out how our tailored ReSULTS framework helped us manage the process.

Program Implementation Highlights

Get a taste of the Configuration, Integration and Data Migration processes. Check out the alternative to data input using mobile devices.

Open Forum: User Insights

No matter if you’re a seasoned pro with eTRACK+ or just starting out, this is your chance to connect with fellow users and share your journey.

In this session, you’ll have the opportunity to learn valuable tips and tricks from other utility experts who use eTRACK+. Plus, you can provide us with your feedback to help us improve our services for you. You’ll also get inspired by success stories from fellow eTRACK+ users and even share your own experiences if you’d like.


Abhishek Balakrishnan

Abhishek Balakrishnan


ANB Systems

Rajaram Srinivasan

Rajaram Srinivasan

Executive Vice President

ANB Systems

Catalina Lamadrid

Catalina Lamadrid

Principal and Founder

Inova Energy Group

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