Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Interconnection Processing Solution

1 hour


Get access to the webinar recording and learn more about how ZAPconnect – Distributed Energy Resource (DER) Interconnection processing solution fully automates the application review process for utilities.

Abhishek, President at ANB Systems, delivered a detailed presentation that encompasses:

  • The bottlenecks faced by utilities that are still manually processing DER Interconnection applications.
  • An overview of ZAPconnect and the DER Interconnection workflow that the solution completely automates.
  • A live demo of ZAPconnect showing how seamlessly it automates data extraction and verification of DER Interconnection application even before submission.
  • The economic analysis of how the platform reduces application processing time and increases productivity.

About the Speaker


Abhishek Balakrishnan

ANB Systems, Inc.

Key Takeaways

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DER Application Processing – Key Findings

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Need for Automation

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ZAPconnect Solution Overview

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Live Demo

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Economic Analysis of the Benefits

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