How to dEVelop your Own EV Program

1 hour


Utilities have so many reasons to promote EV adoption and ensure that EV charging in their territory is managed. ENE will walk through how a utility or municipality can get started in developing their own robust EV program. ENE has created dEVelop, a comprehensive toolkit that provides the guidance and tools for a utility or other entity to create and implement an EV Program using their own in-house resources. The toolkit includes Guides, Templates, Samples, resources, and operational content. In this webinar, we will highlight key insights found in the eight modules of this new and exciting product.

About the Speakers


Kristin Dupre

Director – Demand Side ManagementEnergy
New England


Marah Scribner

Program Manager – Electric VehiclesEnergy
New England

Key Takeaways

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Need for EV Strategy

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ENE dEVelop – Solution to launch EV Programs

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dEVelop Toolkit

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