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The Power of eTRM explained

Is your utility still manually calculating measure savings? Now is the time for you to stop building your own calculators and use the capability of a centralized electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM) platform.

Join our webinar and gain insights on everything you need to know about eTRM.

Abhishek, President at ANB Systems, and Nima, Business Analyst at ANB Systems, will shed light on:

  • How an eTRM is structured for instant measure calculation and seamless information dissemination.
  • Case studies depicting how leading utilities streamlined cataloging and computing measures using ANB’s eTRM platform.
  • A live demo of ANB’s eTRM platform showing sophisticated capabilities such as:
    • Documentation, calculation, and comparison of measures.
    • Using APIs for a one-click calculation of energy savings data for several permutations of measure specifications.
    • API-based integration of the eTRM platform with your other utility-specific systems.

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 12 PM CT

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