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Managing the Exponential Growth in DG Interconnection Applications

It was a successful webinar presided over by attendees from a myriad of energy companies.

Sarah Andrews, Senior Engineering Analyst at Oncor, and Julio Chavarria, Distributed Generation Engineer at Oncor, shed light on the following:

  • An overview of Oncor’s electric delivery system and the evolution of Oncor’s DG Interconnection process.
  • The stats explaining the rapid rise in Oncor’s interconnection applications, project approvals, and DG connected capacity over the past decade.
  • The challenges faced by Oncor in DG program implementation and how they effectively managed each of them.
  • A projection of historical data until 2023 and Oncor’s planned optimization strategies that will take the process to the next level.

Furthermore, there were several thought-provoking questions from attendees that made the webinar even more engaging.

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About the Presenters

Sarah Andrews
Senior Engineering Analyst, Oncor

Sarah has fourteen years of electric utility experience, three of which she has worked in the Oncor Distributed Generation team as a Senior Engineering Analyst.

Julio Chavarria
Distributed Generation Engineer, Oncor

Julio has twenty years of electric utility experience, nine of which he has worked in the Oncor Distributed Generation team as a Staff Engineer.