Features of


Break free from complex coding and development processes. Convert your complicated business processes into simplified apps.


Present all contextual information to all your stakeholders. Improve customer experience business rule engine and analytics.


Capture information from legacy systems using RESTful APIs. Seamlessly connect with other people, applications and devices.

Applications of

for Business Operations

Simplify the time-consuming complex business processes into apps, with limited or no coding knowledge, and increase the productivity of all the stakeholders. Customize reporting and analytics features for scheduled or ad-hoc reports.

for Energy Efficiency

Develop and manage energy efficiency and DSM programs by configuring business operations workflow. Program managers can develop an array of portals for several business operations including renewable interconnection and rebate processing.

for Utility Management

Build and nurture your associates and trade allies with improved communications through Business Process Automation. Business rules can be set within the system without writing a single line of code for enhanced consumer experience.


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