ePLAN - Evaluate cost-effectiveness of Utility Programs

Cost-benefit Analysis Calculator for Energy Efficiency & DSM Programs

The cloud-based platform conforms to:

  • California’s Standard Practice Manual: Economic Analysis of Demand-side Programs and Projects, and
  • National Standard Practices Manual (NSPM)

Eliminate cumbersome spreadsheets

Perform cost-effectiveness (CE) assessment in just two steps by using our cost benefit analysis calculator

Step 1: Configuration & Scenario Setup

Configure everything from cost/benefit components, avoided cost, tariff rates, measures, programs, and portfolios.

Step 2: Test Evaluation & Results

Perform CE tests at various levels and arrive at an optimal combination of measures and incentives.

Steps to Configure Platform, Setup & Run Cost-Effectiveness Test, and Evaluate Results

Key features of ePLAN

Predominant Features of ePLAN

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Control the system access to users by configuring different roles with different privileges. Secure your menu, sub-menu, screen, screen actions, fields, reports and dashboards.


Define general attributes, per unit savings (including load shape distribution percentages), impact factors like free-ridership rate, spill-over rate), and cost-benefit parameters of measures.


Visualize the portfolio level benefit-cost ratio information and drill-through to various program group, program, and measure levels. Slide the results and export in several formats.

What-If Scenarios

Define various avoided cost and tariff rate scenarios such as high avoided cost scenario, avoided cost with half-year adjustment, and default scenario to be used for the cost-effectiveness test runs.


Define general attributes, program level cost/benefit components, program measure mapping and measure penetrations (expected measure installations for each year over the program period).


See all inputs, input assumptions, intermediate results, and calculated outputs against each test run. Export into excel for further analytics.

Configure & Run

Configure various cost/benefit components, measures, measure impact factors, measure penetrations, programs, portfolios and evaluate cost effectiveness at various levels.


Create a hierarchy of program groups such as residential programs, residential low-income programs, demand response program, and add program level cost/benefit components.


Plug in ePLAN with a program tracking software like eTRACK+ and compare actual program performance with planned. Make informed decisions about program changes or new strategies.

How ePLAN transformed our customer journey

Know how an electric & gas utility from the Northeast USA effectively replaced their complex spreadsheet model of evaluation and all the associated cumbersome processes with a single-click evaluation of cost effectiveness at various levels.

ePLAN Implementation for an Electric & Gas Utility

See ePLAN in action

Get an instant feel of how your energy efficiency and demand-side management programs evaluate

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