About DRM

Document Recognition & Management (DRM) allows content extraction, storage, retrieval and performing all possible actions against the documents in a highly efficient manner. DRM enables the user to retrieve documents instantaneously based on the content, metadata and tags associated with the documents which makes the retrieval highly feasible.

Retrieve your Business documents using key words

DRM can retrieve required files from the system by just inputting the keywords in the document which makes search highly efficient without the need to remember the longer file names.

Extract Content and Automate Validation

Trigger the auto extraction using the automatic rule execution and trigger notification for the required users based on extracted value without verifying thousands of documents manually.

Use Cases of DRM

DG Interconnection Processing

Manage end-to-end Interconnection Applications and Agreement processing using DRM to vet the customer information, and move the documents to issue Permission to Operate.

HR & Admin Documents

Complete employee onboarding and manage employee data & records. DRM can be a single platform for Document Management and Document Recognition Services.

Application Forms

Capturing data from an application form is time consuming and may be erroneous. DRM can easily capture information from the forms and can enlist all particulars categorically.

Features of DRM

Role-based Access

The cloud-based platform can scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security and privacy. Control access to viewing documents and their related analysis and manage processing workflows


Upon upload, various insights are extracted from a document based on context and configuration. This makes it easier to review and search relevant content from documents as well as integrate analysis with other platforms.

Document Explorer

Manage documents and images in an intuitive file explorer. Automate routine workflow actions such as document tagging, extraction of relevant text, and search indexing the file's contents.

Global Search

Quickly search across all metadata, content, insights, and analysis for documents in the system from any screen. Navigate to the folder, metadata, content using the search results.

Machine Learning

Our system recognized content based on configurations built for document templates. When a user provides feedback with corrections to the data, the system learns from the errors to improve the recognition going forward.


Customize reports to make complex analysis simpler for easy review. View detailed reports in a single screen on the uploaded documents. Reports can be customized to be ad-hoc or scheduled.

Services of DRM

Smart Services for Smart Businesses.

Document Recognition & Management


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