A One-Stop Platform For Managing All Your Community Solar Programs

Are you looking for a highly scalable platform for your community solar subscription management programs? Take advantage of eTRACK+, next-gen workflow management software that empowers utility stakeholders to configure and manage their process flows.


Residential Solar vs Community Solar

Since 2015, there has been a steep rise in solar installations. Consumers short on real estate on-premises to set up distributed generation units have started forming communities to set up offsite units. Here lies the challenge for utilities as the requirements to manage community solar are starkly different from standard conditions. Utilities seek a highly scalable platform to configure and manage workflows on their own.

Accelerate Your Standard Operating Procedure


Dedicated Customer Portal

Facilitates customizable end-user facing portals to effectively manage customer/ contractor interaction with utilities


Intuitive Administrator Portal

An intuitive administrator portal for program managers to track, analyze and manage program-related tasks


Track Billing History

Track consumption from solar panels and continuously monitor customer usage data


Eliminate Paperwork

eTRACK+ replaces outdated, time-consuming paper-based applications with electronic forms to capture and store information in one place


Effortless Extraction

Expedites the community solar application process by extracting and validating document data with the help of DRM


One-click Eligibility Check

Instantly checks for customer eligibility for the program instantly after application submission


Grow Quickly

Increasing your program performance can help you attract new customers and grow your business

Digital Process Automation Saves Time and Cost


eTRACK+ is a BPM system developed to effortlessly track community solar programs and report performance or provide acumen


eTRACK+ lets you manage your projects from application creation through invoicing to regulatory reporting


eTRACK+ encompasses eTRM – an electronic measure library to provide tremendous flexibility in configuring and managing state/jurisdiction technical reference manuals (TRMs)


Powerful toolkits to automate business processes, enforce validations, generate insights, and eliminate process bottlenecks in tracking community solar programs

Community Solar Subscription

Management Using eTRACK+

Download the whitepaper and learn how utilities amend their business operations to process subscriptions of consumers that adopt mid-size community renewable energy savings practices

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