Expedited Facility Assessment Process for an Electric Utility

A Midwest electric utility effectively replaced their
time-consuming facility assessment process using ANB's tablet application.


  • Energy & Renewables


  • Midwest US


  • Manual duplicate checks, service study correspondence, and agreement signatures.
  • Lack of customer data integration.
  • Longer application turnaround times.

Product(s) Used


Executive Summary

Facility assessments are the first step toward making buildings/houses more energy efficient. Several types of facility assessments are tailored to specific needs. The processes for assessing a facility, scheduling / completing a site visit, and providing recommendations were done manually earlier. The overall business process was time-consuming. The utility was determined to streamline and automate its business processes. Now, they are just one click away from scheduling / completing a site visit and providing recommendations based on the available information of a facility.

Key Objectives

  • To simplify and automate the business process to be more efficient.
  • To integrate between third-party applications.
  • Calculations and recommendations are based on the logic and inputs given by the user.
  • To develop a Tablet app for the engineers to take it with them during facility assessments.

The Workflow



Typically, inspectors must be prepared with a checklist of items to be surveyed before starting a project. Then inspector will complete the assessment using the Tablet app and get the recommendations based on the inputs given. Once the data collection is completed, the information will be sent to the portal for review. Once data quality is approved, it will be sent to the third-party application for further process.

Instead of manually approving and sending information, eTRACK + automates processes, requiring fewer man-hours and lowering the potential for error. With eTRACK+, from collection to providing recommendations and calculating savings/ incentives is streamlined and simplified, allowing assessors to move on from individual surveys more quickly and effectively.

Using the automated processes of eTRACK+, emailing completed surveys, recommendations, and savings/incentive plans has been made safer and more secure. The users will have their Login ID and password to log in to their eTRACK+ application to gain access.

Automating survey distribution, data auditing, and calculating recommendations/ savings are just three ways to streamline facility condition assessments. eTRACK+ brings these efficiencies and more in data collection and management to your business.

About ANB Systems, Inc.

ANB Systems is a leading SaaS – BPM Software company with a primary footprint in the energy efficiency and distributed generation division of electric and gas utilities. ANB’s flagship product is eTRACK+ – a low-code workflow management system that allows end users to easily set up and administer programs tailored to their business processes and needs. ANB’s mission is help clients bring disparate processes into an integrated platform that provides a real-time view of critical information and metrics. We do this by empowering people to be data savvy and embrace automation through data-tracking and reporting software.

Our Products

eTRACK+, a unified technology platform for tracking and reporting on energy efficiency and demand response programs.

eTRM, a cloud-based platform designed to capture, manage, and track the complete set of demand-side management/energy efficiency measures prescribed in the state’s or region’s Technical Reference Manuals (TRMs).

ePLAN, a web based framework which can be used as a standalone system or in tandem with eTRACK to evaluate the cost effectiveness energy efficiency and demand side management programs during planning, implementation and evaluation phases.

DRM, Enables data storage, analysis & retrieval from any document such as meter displays & HVAC nameplates.

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