Newly Released Portal Reduces Time to Issue PTO Certificates

A self-service Distributed Generation Interconnection Portal was launched as an interface between the utility and installer for a large utility based in southwest United States of America.

Time to PTO
Documents Processed


  • Energy & Renewables


  • Southwest USA


  • Manual duplicate checks, service study correspondence, and agreement signatures.
  • Lack of customer data integration
  • Longer application turnaround times

Product(s) Used


Enhancements Achieved

  • Self-service Distributed Generation Interconnection Portal
  • Automated and efficient process
  • Faster completion of service studies

Executive Summary

A Distributed Generation Installer Portal was launched to ease the interconnection application process for one of the largest utilities in the southwest US. Prior to the launch of the portal, the application procedure was wrought with paperwork and manual management of the application process. The lengthy process resulted in the issuing of a Permission to Operate (PTO) well past the stipulated time of 30 days. The number of applications was trending higher and the process had to improve. A critical reassessment was undertaken to reduce and to simplify the interconnection application process without compromising the checks and balances in the process.

The Critical Reassessment

The utility focused on reducing the time taken to issue the PTO to seven days. This required an automation of processes such as premise duplicate checks, service study correspondence, and the signature of interconnection agreements. Additionally, an automated solution would need to include the integration of customer data.

The Simplification

A self-service Distributed Generation Interconnection Portal was launched as an interface between the installer and the utility.The workflow within the portal is five steps. These include the auto-population of basic consumer information identified by the specified project identification number. Multiple steps, including location mapping, were integrated into the portal workflow resulting in the automation of such procedures as the service study, further speeding the interconnection application review process.

Additionally, the interconnection agreement is generated by the portal and now requires a digital signature, reducing the time taken for issuing the Permission to Operate (PTO) from several weeks to just seven working days.

The Result

The utility benefits from the efficiency of the process automation and is able to complete more service studies in a faster manner. Installers benefit from being able to monitor the status of their applications and faster issuance of the Permission to Operate. The utility now aims at further improving the turnaround time and enhanced reviews by exploring other efficiencies introduced by the portal integration

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