Build new skills by tackling a variety of projects this summer

At ANB we focus on giving technological exposure to sophomore, junior and senior students from universities to not provide knowledge and a well rounded experience in an agile work environment.

Jimmy Xiao

Student Intern from Duke University
What were the technologies you were exposed to at ANB? I was working at the back end, in the implementation of search service for the document explorer. I worked on the elastic search technology.
What was your favorite project during your time at ANB? My favorite was also my main project which was the designing and implementation of a search service. I enjoyed being the central intern working on this project and got great exposure to various projects around the company and their use cases for search. In addition, it allowed me to learn about things such as Elasticsearch, managing AWS, and Node.js
Aside from developing the search API service and its consumers in NodeJS, what were some interesting things you got to do at ANB? I got to design an algorithm that extracted readings from images of seven segment displays on electric power meters. I enjoyed this as I got to experiment with OpenCV and learn about various techniques to process images to make them understandable to an algorithm. In addition, I also had the opportunity to design a proof-of-concept application in Blazor, a new framework that compiles .NET applications into client-side webassembly. Because the concept was just a proof-of-concept, I had the freedom to choose this framework that was far from production ready. Doing this allowed me to explore some of the cutting-edge concepts and frameworks used in web development.
Has this internship inspired you to take any specific courses back at school or learn more about any topics in the future? If so, which ones? I want to look into the economics look into the economics, innovation and entrepreneurship programs at my school because I liked the client focused approach to problem solving and hope to be able to introduce my own solutions to various challenges down the line.
What were some fun things you did outside of work in Houston? I got to go to fun concerts, amazing restaurants, and see awesome things during my time in Houston. I appreciated the diversity the city offers in things to do and everything else, and am glad I got to enjoy the various events in the area. I also had the chance to explore surrounding areas such as Galveston, Austin, and San Antonio. Being in Houston was a great opportunity to experience life in a city that is many times the size I’m used to and allowed me to gain new perspectives.
What are the key takeaways from ANB? This is my first experience working in a corporate environment, and one key aspect I’ve learned is the importance of teamwork. The entire Houston team was very helpful.