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ANB Systems Introduces Revolutionary Pricing into the Energy Efficiency Tracking Ecosystem

January 04, 2020

Houston, Texas: ANB introduces revolutionary pricing for tracking energy efficiency programs and projects using its eTRACK+ platform. Today, consumption-based charges or usage-based billing, is playing an increasingly important role in pricing strategies across many industries. ANB has brought this revolution into the energy efficiency tracking space allowing utilities and municipals to benefit with this pricing model. This pricing model converts a CapEx investment into an OpEx cost as they are charged only when they use the platform, rather than having to build or buy something outright. Other benefits include the flexibility in managing more energy efficiency programs and growing their customer base with minimal affordable investments.

“We offer usage-based pricing as a model where our clients pay for the actual usage of the platform, rather than paying hefty up-front fees or bearing the cost of ownership. It reduces the risk to the user who has the flexibility to test the system in real world programs for a very low cost.”, said Mr. S. Balakrishnan, CEO of ANB Systems, Inc.

In general, energy efficiency program management and tracking of projects and payments is a task that requires proper record keeping program funds spent on tracking reduces the money available to incentivize customer adoption. An efficient-tracking system is essential for the proper management of the entire portfolio of programs in a cost-effective manner.

“The extremely flexible workflow management platform specifically designed for energy efficiency programs along with a usage-based pricing system will allow program administrators to easily track and analyse programs in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, usage-based pricing makes it simpler to assign costs to a specific program,” said Michael Stockard of Stockard Energy Advising LLC.

eTRACK+ is a flagship workflow management system of ANB to track energy efficiency and demand-side management programs and it is easily scalable. The SaaS platform enables the utilities to configure and customize as per their standard operational procedures. With eTRACK+, utilities can swiftly implement new programs, manage interconnection applications, and engage with trade allies with less cost.

About ANB Systems: ANB Systems, Inc. is a leading workflow management solutions provider for utilities. Established in 1997, ANB builds state-of-the-art software solutions for business process automation, renewable & distributed generation, insurance tracking, and document recognition services. ANB empowers their clients to become data-savvy and realize operational efficiencies through the implementation of data-tracking and reporting systems.