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Energy Efficiency

ANB Systems celebrates Energy Efficiency Day 2018

October 05, 2018

Houston, Texas: In recognition of the third national Energy Efficiency Day, ANB Systems, Inc. is joining the regional and national organizations, businesses, utilities, and individuals working to promote energy efficiency. ANB Systems, Inc. is a proud supporter of energy efficiency day, and have catalyzed utilities to process rebates using the flagship product – eTRACK, a leading workflow management system for energy efficiency tracking and demand-side management programs. Some of the major utilities use eTRACK with which over $2.9 billion dollars incentives were processed.

Energy Efficiency Day 2018“We have been contributing to energy efficiency for decades and are pleased to see the Energy Efficiency Day initiative enter into its third year. On account of this special day, we are offering free subscriptions to our eTRM platform for the first ten people who request for a subscription: eTRM”, said Mr. S. Balakrishnan, CEO of ANB Systems.

About ANB Systems: ANB Systems, Inc. is a leading software provider for the energy industry. Established in 1997, we build and customize state-of-the-art software solutions for demand-side management operations, renewable energy, and retail energy services. ANB Systems, Inc. empower their clients to become data-savvy and realize operational efficiencies through the implementation of data-tracking and reporting systems.

Consumers can access eTRM – a central repository of all energy efficiency measures from all jurisdictions. The measure library can be accessed by anyone without login or credentials to review the specifications of any energy efficient measure and calculate estimated energy savings based on the consumer inputs.