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ANB Releases eTRM for NH Saves as the state announces 57% higher electric energy efficiency targets

September 17, 2020

Early this month the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission released their statewide energy efficiency plan for 2021-2023. The plan had been finalized after ten months of deliberation and feedback during stakeholder processes.

S. Balakrishnan, ANB’s CEO, stated that “ANB has been a part of the energy efficiency scene in NH since 2012. Our products eTRACK+ and eTRM will help NH meet these new, aggressive energy efficiency goals by streamlining the recording and management of energy savings data.”

The 2021-2023 plan aims for a steep increase in energy efficiency savings compared to the 2018-2020 plan, targeting a 57% increase in cumulative annual MWh savings and 43% increase in in cumulative annual MMBtu savings.

Electric Programs 2018-2020 Plan 2021-2023 Plan
Cumulative Annual MWh Savings 334,273 525,333
Cumulative Program Funding ($) 154,142,047 350,828,573
Natural Gas Programs 2018-2020 Plan 2021-2023 Plan
Cumulative Annual MMBtu Savings 525,575 753,581
Cumulative Program Funding ($) 31,396,650 41,882,264

In 2019 NH was ranked 20th in the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy’s State Energy Efficiency Scorecard. NH’s comprehensive priority plan for 2021-2023 which details the development of new market friendly offerings whilst continuing to promote existing programs to ensure the goals are met will improve their future ranking. Below are the targets for each utility.

Utility Electric Annual Savings (MWh) 2021-2023 % of total savings
Eversource 402,368 77
Liberty Electric 344,185 8
NHEC 25,400 5
Unitil Electric 53,380 10
Total 525,333 100
Utility Natural Gas Annual Savings (MMBtu) 2021-2023 % of total savings
Liberty Gas 565,179 75
Unitil Gas 188,402 25
Total 753,581 100

A regional plan is also being developed by the NH utilities to facilitate workforce development strategies for the energy efficiency industry.

Reference: https://www.puc.nh.gov/Regulatory/Docketbk/2020/20-092/INITIAL%20FILING%20-%20PETITION/20-092_2020-09-01_NHUTILITIES_EE_PLAN.PDF

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