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A Milestone For ANB: 50000+ DER Interconnection Applications Processed

October 21, 2020

Houston, TX: ANB Systems Inc. has processed over 50,000 Distributed Energy Resource (DER) interconnection applications using its premier workflow management platform. ANB constantly intakes client and user feedback in order to implement greater OCR accuracy, more powerful elastic search options, and the most secure cloud database possible. The 50,000+ processed DER interconnection applications stand evidence to ANB’s dedication to its clients; the company holds its products and services to the highest of standards in order to best serve utilities.

Abhishek Balakrishnan, President of ANB, says, “50,000 processed applications is a big milestone and fuels our motivation to continue improving our products. We are always looking to create new solutions to deliver value in the application management space.”

DER Energy Efficiency Applications Since its establishment in 1997, ANB has continually striven for innovation and automation. The company’s flagship system, eTRACK+, implements data-tracking and reporting features in order to streamline the interconnection process. Through business process automation, compliance tracking, and user-friendly data handling, ANB aims to provide the platform tools necessary for utilities to expand the horizons of their energy efficiency potentials.

eTRACK+ features configurable workflows, electronic form generation, and advanced document recognition services that automate energy efficiency applications. Its indexable central repository stores all of a utility’s files and saves administrators hours of sorting through paper or email applications. A utility’s clients can view application statuses on an end user-facing portal while additional metadata and audit history are visible on the administrator side for centralized data management.

ANB’s years of experience handling energy efficiency applications have led us to develop a new product called ZapConnect. This DER interconnection processing solution simplifies data entry and provides instant feedback to applicants via Machine Learning, compressing decision cycles. With the help of our Document Recognition Marketplace (DRM) and a zero-touch approval process, the lead time for utility administrators is greatly reduced. Stay tuned for more information on ZapConnect and a webinar in December.

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