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Manage your Carbon Reduction Initiative Programs using eTRACK+

April 27, 2020

Carbon Reduction Initiatives come in many different forms and programs. They can be large projects at a single site undertaken to reduce their carbon footprint or a series of smaller projects that are undertaken as part of a larger effort to achieve which by the collective nature, results in similar levels of reduction in carbon.

As an example, electric and gas devices can be replaced with more efficient and less carbon emitting equipment. Many utilities run such carbon reduction initiatives which are based on the adoption of equipment that is more efficient or a change of fuel type of the equipment itself. The program administrators offer incentives for participation in these programs to reduce the capital cost of equipment.

A carbon reduction initiative program will specify the equipment that can be replaced in both existing construction and new construction, the incentive levels that are offered to reduce the capital cost for the initial capex that is need to do the implementation, and marketing programs that will ensure a wide adoption of the carbon reduction technology. For reporting purposes, it will be necessary to compute the carbon reduction itself and report that in monthly or annual basis to the regulatory authorities. Carbon and green-house gas can also be traded on the exchanges such as the RGGI initiative that has been adopted by several states in Northeast US

ANB eTRACK+ software is an ideal platform to manage carbon reduction initiative programs because of its versatility in configuring these programs, collecting required data, computing the savings generated, and managing the entire process from start to finish including collection of documents.

ANB has deployed eTRACK+ successfully for many administrators of energy efficiency programs. eTRACK+ is also be utilized for tracking distributed generation projects where grid power is replaced with renewable sources of power. eTRACK+ is also used in the transportation industry to track EV charging equipment rebates.

Combined with eTRM, a catalog of equipment and measures and which computes the energy savings or the carbon savings, the eTRACK+ suite of products offers a very useful platform to initiate and run such programs. eTRACK has been in operation for the last decade and has handled programs with incentive budgets totally over five billion dollars with appropriate kilowatt-hour savings and equivalent carbon reduction.

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