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Importance of Workflow Management Software for Small DSM Portfolios

July 15, 2020

Should you spend the time and money to build a tracking system for a small DSM portfolio or program? Small does not necessarily mean simple. Even small programs may have many data and workflow requirements. A tracking software solution can make managing these requirements significantly easier. Sure, you can keep track of data in a spreadsheet or database, but this simple solution has limitations. For instance, it can be cumbersome to have multiple users trying to access the same spreadsheet and all your program workflows are outside of the spreadsheet. Once program data is entered into the tracking system, it is stored, shared, and able to be used in ways that non-digital data is not. The program data now has added value for budgeting, auditing, benchmarking, and analysis, all keys to the success of a portfolio or program.

Efficiency, pun intended, is key for high-performing programs or portfolios. Utilizing a solution that automates form processing is much more efficient and has significant advantages over manual processing. The software streamlines tasks, saving staff time and reducing errors. Automated form processing is faster and more cost effective. Form retrieval in a digital database is also quicker than searching in a filing cabinet, and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and by anyone. Using hard copy forms may be attractive from a first cost perspective, but the long term costs will be higher since employees need to be trained in how to process forms, paid for the time spent processing them, and error correction. Savings are realized by the time saved in simplifying work processes and error reduction.

If you are currently managing your programs or portfolios in spreadsheets or similar means, consider the solutions that ANB Systems offer. eTrack+ can be set up on a trial basis to give you a feel on the benefits of cloud-based program tracking solutions. To celebrate the fifteenth year of eTRACK, ANB is making this trial available to the first fifteen program administrators at no charge. This offer is available for one program that offers incentives up to one million dollars per year. To enroll please send an email to info@anbsystems.com referring to this article.

Written by - Michael Stockard
Michael Stockard is an independent consultant at Stockard Energy Advising and is a member of the Advisory Panel at ANB Systems. Michael has over 39 years of experience in the design and implementation of demand-side management programs.

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