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REBATE APPLICATIONS - How Utilities Can Save Time With eTRACK+

June 11, 2020

A Utility manager reported that their complex processing for a single rebate application submitted via email took 3 hours from start to finish. Using an eTRACK+ integrated solution, the same process now takes them only 7 minutes. Where once there was a backlog of several weeks for a form to be even looked at, now they are processed on the same day of submission.

In our eTRACK+ webinar ANB demonstrates a simple three-step process to easily move from an existing paper-based rebate application process to a digitized form that can collect, organize, analyze and store data instantaneously upon form submission. eTRACK+ is a unified workflow management system that can be configured to suit the needs of your business operations. Developed as a SaaS platform it simplifies complex processes into easy automated steps using comprehensive workflow and page designer tools.

Here are the three simple steps as explained in the webinar to easily move from paper-based applications to electronic for using eTRACK+:

Step 1: Discover
Identify the customer information and measure specific information based on the form submission. In the same stage, signatures are reviewed as well to ensure authenticity.

Step 2: Implement
In this stage, the fields are specified, and pages are designed based on the fields. Further, workflows are created, business rules are defined including the validations, and to trigger notifications as well. The measure information can be captured from the eTRM platform.

Step 3: Operationalize
Following the implementation, test the workflow setup and review the process movement. The platform is launched for applications to be processed and status of all rebate applications can be tracked through the dashboard. Reports can be generated on ad-hoc basis too.

eTRACK+ can also be used for distributed generation, trade ally management, facility assessment and inspection tracking.