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Energy Efficiency

How eTRACK+ streamlined Energy New England’s MLP Solar Program Rebate Processes

October 20, 2020

Energy New England (ENE) is large wholesale risk management and energy trading organization serving the needs of nineteen municipal utilities in the northeastern states of the U.S.

The MLP Solar Rebate Program: ENE partnered with DOES to offer rebate programs for the installation of Solar PV Systems in certain MLP service territories. DOER and the participating MLPs offer rebates of $1.20 per watt and up to 50% of system costs on installations of 25 kW DC or less.

The Challenges: The maximum system capacity and therefore the pledge amounts vary for each of the nineteen MLP’s. Each MLP also had their requirements for layers of approval within their companies. On top of that, each application required around 16 documents of information.

The Solution: ANB built an automated workflow system using their eTRACK+ platform for ENE which was up and running within 2 months and greatly reduced the time needed to manage the programs whilst providing higher levels of validity checking and quality assurances. ANB created a digitized rebate application form that is easily accessed via the ENE website, and once completed by the customer, is sent through to ENE’s eTRACK+ portal where all the applications are organized by progress levels.

In the webinar, Kristin Dupre, Director of Energy New England explained, "by working with ANB and the eTRACK+ platform, we were able to provide all stakeholders - utilities, contractors and customers a better experience".

The workflow system built for ENE incudes:

  • File management
  • Signature management (contractor, homeowner, administrator)
  • Solar system (PV & Inverter) lookup and size calculation
  • Automated document generation
  • Notifications/approvals
  • Budget tracking per MLP and overall
  • Reporting
  • Stakeholder visibility

To view the digitized customer rebate portal ANB built for ENE click here.

For a free demo trial of eTRACK+ please email info@anbsystems.com