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Redefining Workflow Processing for Solar PV Interconnection Applications

July 16, 2018

DER Interconnection Application ProcessingDistributed Generation has experienced an unprecedented increase in Solar PV installations both in the commercial and residential sectors. Energy providers have been inundated with incoming interconnection applications resulting in increased processing time for the issuance of Permission to Operate (PTO). ANB Systems recently deployed[1] a DER-eTRACK in response to the following market implications:

  • PUC[2] recommends completion of an interconnection application within 30 days
  • Need for a single source of information for comprehensive stakeholder management
  • Ease workflow transitions from one department to the other
  • Surge in the number of incoming interconnection applications, and ways to handle the volume with greater efficacy

The deployment of the DER-eTRACK portal has automated the interconnection application workflow resulting in a dramatic decrease in the processing time to issue PTO. Additionally, the implementation of this automated workflow has reduced certain mundane procedures such as service study, impact study, and prompting only digital signature as a part of the workflow.

The nature of renewable interconnection processing is complex, and would be greatly improved by a dedicated stakeholder management system. eTRACK is a highly flexible platform for energy providers to setup and configure business process workflow that suits your operations. We have developed a dedicated portal for renewable department, to be able to communicate to all stakeholders effectively. This distributed generation portal[3] facilitates the energy providers to manage renewable interconnection process workflow.

To know more about Distributed Generation portal, and to implement an improved interconnection process workflow, write to info@anbsystems.com for a demo.