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ANB Work From Home During the Lockdown

June 09, 2020

The office in Chennai has been in lockdown for just under 2 months now under very unusual circumstances. To comply with the lockdown laws created to reduce the spread of Covid-19 our office was shut down on March 24 on short notice.

Prior to the closure, we created an ANB Covid Response Team who had the responsibility of monitoring employee health, setting new standards of hygiene practice and distancing, monitoring local news and health updates all while coordinating WFH technicalities with over 100+ employees.

A ‘Pandemic Plan’ was put in place which ensured that all ANBites could continue to work at full capacity and were still accessible to our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We had our concerns but everything rolled out relatively seamlessly.

After a few weeks of lockdown we checked in with our employees to see how they were getting along. Surprisingly a common feedback was ANBites wanting to take a holiday from WFH and come into the office! We noticed that the lack of social interaction was a common theme so we asked our ‘Social and Fun Committee’ to get imaginative.

From holding dance sessions, to cooking classes and music lessons our employees have come together via webinar to laugh and enjoy each other’s talents. A unique session was by one of our employees who was Working from his village home on how he juxtaposed life on a farm with that of a technologist. This has been a hard few months but ANBites have done their best to get through it with a smile on their faces.