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Workflow Management

Scalable SaaS Platform for Workflow Management

January 04, 2019

eTRACK+ - workflow management software/soltionHouston, Texas: With over a decade of experience in energy efficiency and DSM tracking, ANB Systems, Inc. rolls out the next generation workflow management solution of their flagship product – eTRACKplus. Evolving from Energy Efficiency Program Management software to DSM Tracking, now eTRACKplus is developed to be a SaaS platform to manage end-to-end workflow management for business operations. The product has already been adopted by two large utilities – one manages Distributed Generation (DG) operations, and the other processes incentives through the software platform.

"eTRACKplus is built to expand the capabilities of eTRACK from DG, energy efficiency & DSM operations to handle many more processes within utilities, and for many other industries as well”, said Mr. S. Balakrishnan, CEO of ANB Systems, Inc."

eTRACKplus is a unified workflow management system that can be configured to suit the needs of your business operations. Developed as a SaaS platform to simplify complex processes into an application that can be a customized operational system. eTRACKplus facilitates its users to easily automate the processes with comprehensive workflow and page designer.

About ANB Systems: ANB Systems, Inc. is a leading software provider for the energy industry. Established in 1997, we build and customize state-of-the-art software solutions for demand-side management operations, renewable energy, and retail energy services. ANB Systems, Inc. empower their clients to become data-savvy and realize operational efficiencies through the implementation of data-tracking and reporting systems.