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Energy Efficiency

ANB Systems Celebrates Energy Efficiency Day 2019

October 01, 2019

ANB Systems, Inc., a leading workflow management solutions provider that closely works with utilities and energy efficiency organizations for over a decade. With eTRACK+, flagship software platform, we have facilitated over 15 utilities process energy savings rebates worth $4.5 billion. ANB is a proud participant of Energy Efficiency Day in the last two years and has taken an unprecedented initiative of encouraging the employees adopt energy efficiency practices.

Energy efficiency Day 2019This year, we have incorporated Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence into our flagship product - eTRACK+, that enables utilities to expedite certain time-consuming processes such as Interconnection Application processing, Community Solar tracking, etc. Energy Efficiency shall no longer be a practice that organizations adopt as an initiative, it should henceforth be a way of life to counteract the anticipated existential crisis. Therefore, we have taken it to the individuals and asked each of them to share what they do to be energy efficient.

Limited Lighting: Not all lights are switched on, at our office floor. We find our lighting bright and adequate just with alternate lights.

Smart Home: Limited Lighting One of our Senior Business Analyst controls the appliances at his residence from anywhere with his mobile phone. He says, “Think of controlling your home lights and appliances from anywhere in the world and at the same time it should be affordable. I bought Smart Switch Board ON or OFF and replaced with my existing traditional switch board”. Today, smartphone gives us greater control in our life, it rather controls us. With smart switches and sensory devices, one shall not only schedule the ON and OFF time of the lights & appliances, but also can reduce the energy consumption as the motion sensors can identify human presence. Further, replacing DC Fans instead of AC (Alternate Current) run fans save up to 40 watts per fan. This results in substantial drop in electricity bill and energy consumption too.

Solar Mobile Charger: Solar Mobile ChargerOftentimes, we think the consumption of charging mobile battery is negligible. However, on a large volume, it amounts to few megawatts of consumption by a city every day just to charge mobile phones. Portable solar chargers can be used to charge cell phones and other small electronic devices on the go. The panels absorb the solar energy and is stored in the battery to charge electronic devices at night or when indoors.

Reuse Laptop Batteries: Electronic wastes are a menace, and in most cases, they are discarded as wastes even when there is a minor deterioration. Discarded batteries are capable of being reused as power banks. Uncover the discarded laptop batteries and check its condition using multimeter.

ANB Systems is on the path to make Energy Efficiency as a way of life than an initiative.

Everyday is Energy Efficiency Day!