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Intern Spotlight

ANB's Summer 2020 Intern: Thomas Yeum

July 31, 2020

Can you brief us about your scope of work during the internship?
The main scope of my work was within DRS, where I focused on optimizing pre-existing processes by utilizing machine learning and automation. An example of this included sorting images upon retrieval in DRM to allow increasingly specific processing on each type of image. Another was automating the configuration generation process to extract fields in a variety of forms in DRM by taking a data-driven approach to field-label identification in forms.

What new skills, techniques and knowledge did you gain during your time with ANB?
I became familiar with TensorFlow, a machine learning library, which I used to create models to solve classification problems. I also learned how to create API’s and access them through UI, expanding my purview to a broader range of tools and technologies including Node, Koa, Express, and Vue.

What are the highlights of working at what is considered a ‘smaller’ tech company?
I truly enjoyed the freedom to experiment and the freedom of choice. A few weeks ago, I asked Abhishek (President) if I could try working on something on the front-end after working with back-end for a month. Now, my current project deals with creating UI for the back-end code that I had written for the past few weeks. This is something I value greatly and appreciate ANB Systems for.

How did the internship match your expectations?
I came in expecting to start working at 7am every morning as per what Abhishek first told us, but thankfully that didn’t happen. Other than this, I think I got to try out a wider variety of subjects and disciplines than I could have expected. I was surprised at just how much I was able to take in and learn from this company.

What are the key takeaways from your exposure to energy efficiency industry?
Having never owned my own home before, I never took notice of the presence of the energy efficiency industry and its programs to facilitate wiser energy use. One of the most interesting characteristics of this industry was the existence of rebates: what better way to motivate homeowners to conserve energy than through the promise of discounts.

How easy/challenging is it to collaborate remotely with covid19 restrictions in place?
My experience using Microsoft Teams during this internship highlights just how powerful this technology is; if anything, it was easier to communicate and collaborate with others remotely as compared to working together in person.

What are the programming languages you are working on?
I work in python for everything machine learning and algorithms. This includes working with machine learning models and automating processes. When working with services in eTrack+, I worked with Javascript, HTML, CSS wrapped in the Vue and Koa frameworks.

Were colleagues supportive and how did you find the company culture?
My colleagues were extremely supportive. Although it was difficult to get to know my fellow interns and to this day we are not nearly as close as I would have hoped, but whenever each one of us needed help, we were all there to support each other. As always, COVID is to be blamed.