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Intern Spotlight

ANB’s Spring 2021 Intern: Anagha Raichur

April 30, 2021

Can you brief us about your scope of work during this internship?
During my time at ANB, I got to work on a Data Security Tool to promote and maintain the data security of our clients’ documents. I worked on three main projects to do this:

  • I created a CSV Generator which could generate CSV files with random mock data from scratch or take an existing CSV and randomize the values already in it.
  • I was able to figure out how to redact sensitive information from a document given a field label.
  • My largest project was the document randomization service in DRM. DRM now has a randomize button which allows anyone to randomize the values of a digital PDF document from Document Explorer.

What were your key roles & responsibilities and how did you work towards achieving them?
Because most of this project was done from scratch, I had many more responsibilities than just coding. I had to plan out the service, integrate it into the existing services, implement, test, debug and document everything. To achieve these things, I realized how important planning is. With a proper plan, implementing becomes much easier, so starting to plan the service early on helped me achieve my goals.

Among your many tasks, what is the one that you liked working on the most?
The task I enjoyed the most was implementing the functions for the randomization service. This was because the randomization service was created from scratch, so I had more creativity in how I wanted to implement certain functions and often saw myself being able to code, debug and test for hours without having to set up meetings to understand existing code.

What was the biggest challenge you came across and how did you overcome it?
The biggest challenge I came across was having to wait to see how a service performs on stage. I had an issue where I couldn’t test certain services with Postman, so I often had to depend on others to let me know how the implementation worked. However, I figured out how to test my code locally, as well as was able to gain the necessary information from other members of the team for me to debug my code.

What new skillsets and/or knowledge did you gain during your time with ANB?
I had never worked in node.js before this internship, so that was a new language in which I was able to gain experience. Moreover, I wasn’t familiar with the CI/CD pipeline and how code is continuously integrated into existing software, so it was beneficial to learn about this process for any future work I do.

What do you feel are the highlights of working at a ‘smaller’ tech company?
I was able to take on so much responsibility and implement services that were integrated into the company’s software. I also had the privilege of working on a brand-new service from scratch and contributing my ideas on how it should be built.

What are the key takeaways from your exposure to the energy efficiency industry?
Before this internship, I had no experience working in this industry, and it was surprising to see how much technology can help speed up so many energy processes. I’m sure we will save energy more efficiently and support the current environmental crisis if we continue to invest our time and resources in this kind of technology.

How did you find our company culture and the support you received from your colleagues?
Everyone on my team was highly knowledgeable and was always eager to help me out in any way they could. The response times were very fast, which made working remotely so much easier. Everyone has also constantly appreciated me for my work and gave me useful constructive criticism when needed.

How easy/challenging was it to collaborate remotely with COVID-19 restrictions in place?
Although it would have been nicer to meet in person, all the ANB employees were extremely helpful and efficient whenever I needed anything. People were always available to take calls and provide me with any resources I needed.

How much did the internship match your expectations?
This internship matched my expectations completely. I was expecting to be challenged, engaged, and involved in each step of the project, and that’s precisely what it was like these past four months. This internship better prepared me for a career as a Software Engineer.

How much do you feel your internship will help you in your career going forward?
As mentioned, I believe this internship experience will help me tremendously in my career. I could plan, implement, test, and deploy my work during my time here, and it truly felt like I was a full-time employee at ANB. I was given the same amount of responsibility as the other employees, and it gave me a good sense of what it would be like to work in an agile development team.