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Intern Spotlight

ANB’s Spring 2021 Intern: Diane Xie

April 08, 2021

Can you brief us about your scope of work during this internship?
My main project involved developing the Data Lake UI integrations and expansions. Additionally, I also worked on a classification model.

What were your key roles & responsibilities and how did you work towards achieving them?
My key role was backend development for the data lake. I worked closely with my team to discuss and highlight high-level outlines and workflows for projects. It gave me a better understanding of the impact of the projects. For the programming aspect, I was able to develop upon previous knowledge with particular languages and expand my skillsets to additional tools.

Among your many tasks, what is the one that you liked working on the most?
I enjoyed the process of designing and outlining the elements for the UI since it was the first time I was working on a front-end component of a project. It was really satisfying being able to play a part in the project from end to end.

What was the biggest challenge you came across and how did you overcome it?
The biggest challenge was designing the front end and UI since I did not have any front end or design experience. Fortunately, I worked closely with another intern, managers, and other senior developers to ensure that we were on the right track for this project.

What new skillsets and/or knowledge did you gain during your time with ANB?
Aside from the various tools I got to work with, I gained invaluable insight into the importance of collaboration between the technology and energy sector. ANB provides multiple technological solutions to support and shape the energy industry. This internship has given me many opportunities to work on innovative solutions as both tech and energy industries are constantly growing.

What do you feel are the highlights of working at a ‘smaller’ tech company?
I enjoyed having complete autonomy over my work and being able to make a direct impact. It’s not often that an intern would be given complete control over a large project. Additionally, communicating directly with upper management and various team members made this an enjoyable remote experience.

What are the key takeaways from your exposure to the energy efficiency industry?
Prior to not having exposure to the energy industry, I saw how much technology could impact. I always thought the technology that would advance the energy industry would be hardware and physical tools or products. This internship has taught me that software plays an enormous impact, ranging from ML/AI to cloud-based platforms.

How did you find our company culture and the support you received from your colleagues?
Everyone on the team was super accessible and friendly. I had many questions and even more people willing to help answer them. Even though the experience was remote, we still had intern events, and some projects overlapped, so we had a chance to work closely with each other.

How easy/challenging was it to collaborate remotely with COVID-19 restrictions in place?
Since this wasn’t my first remote internship, I didn’t find it challenging to collaborate remotely with the team. Overall, the team was highly responsive and communicative. 

How much did the internship match your expectations?
I was able to learn a lot about the industry and work with various tools. It definitely exceeded expectations, as I was able to work on a large project and see the direct impacts of my contribution.

How much do you feel your internship will help you in your career going forward?
This internship has taught me a lot about data management and the energy industry. The technical and soft skills learned at ANB will be invaluable for me in the future.