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Press Release

ANB Reorganizes Operations to Align with its Product Plans

January 27, 2020

ANB increases its talent base in the Chennai & Houston offices to launch two new products – eTRACK+ and DRM.

The reorganization will help us serve the needs of our customers in a more efficient and expedited manner. Our goal is to reduce the onboarding time for a new customer to just a few weeks, most of which will be spent defining their requirements. Our platforms allow for collaboration between the customer and our analysts to rapidly deploy solutions”, said Mr. S. Balakrishnan, CEO of ANB Systems, Inc.

eTRACK is ANB's flagship workflow management system that is used to track energy efficiency and demand-side management programs. This scalable SaaS platform enables the utilities to configure and customize the business process workflows as per their standard operational procedures. With eTRACK+ , utilities can swiftly implement new programs, manage interconnection applications, and engage with trade allies with less cost.

Document Recognition Marketplace (DRM) is a Document Management & Recognition System that allows efficient storage, retrieval, and customized content extraction from documents. DRM can be integrated with several third-party tools using API keys for efficient business operations.

ANB is also looking for partners to implement its software platforms for their clients. The plan includes training for partners and collaboration on initial implementations to ensure success.

About ANB Systems: Established in 1997, ANB Systems, Inc. builds state-of-the-art software solutions for business process automation, renewable & distributed generation, insurance tracking, and document recognition services. ANB empower their clients to become data-savvy and realize operational efficiencies through implementation of data-tracking and reporting systems.