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Press Release

ANB Logo & Core Principles

December 31, 2020

The start of this holiday season marks ANB Systems’ 23rd year serving utilities across the United States. In this time of reflection, we would like to take a moment to look back at our company’s foundations and values in order to reaffirm our continuing commitment to providing the best workflow management service possible.

ANB was established in 1997 in answer to the increasing number of energy efficiency programs that utilities began to offer. As the applications piled up, ANB built our premier workflow management solution platform to help utilities best serve their expanding clientele. As ANB’s founder and CEO, S. Balakrishnan, stated in his 2017 ANB Annual Day address, “the three pillars that we stand on are Products, People, and Process.” Our guiding principles are best embodied within ANB’s logo and motto:

The Rubix cube sections represent deconstructed complex processes. ANB’s products take difficult problems and disassembles them into simpler solutions. We’ve automated multi-step workflows to instantly route projects between users for next-step actions and implemented Optical Character Recognition to expedite the transition from paper and emailed documents to a digitalized, centralized management system.


There are eight cubes in reference to the number’s association with new life and prosperity, and they are arranged in a circle to display our continuous cycle of improvement; where one problem ends, another is posed.

The inner side of each cube is green to symbolize our environmentally sustainable, energy efficient focus. At our core, ANB aims to develop fresh, innovative ideas to further streamline processes for our clients.


Squares of black back the sections of green, showing that ANB has the authority and expertise essential to providing top-performing products. At ANB, we take pride in our products and services, but we never stop striving to break through new boundaries in the management systems sector.

The outer face of each cube is blue to signify the professionalism and reliability we always present to current and potential customers. We understand that our clients depend on us to manage important processes and maintain confidential information, and we take software reliability and data security very seriously. ANB works hard to maintain its trustworthy reputation so that clients can feel confident in choosing our products as their preferred workflow management platform.


Lastly, ANB’s motto represents more than just our management solutions. Our company slogan embodies the vitality we hope to bring to our customers’ business processes through our premier platform and services.

ANB works tirelessly to improve our systems and services because we understand our unique products and innovative ideas are the foundation of our company. But ANB is not just a software company, it’s an organization that nurtures the relationships between people. We recognize both the individuals who build, test, and support our platform as well as the clients who rely on our system for their daily workflows. We have established tried-and-true processes to best grow our business in order to continue serving the community.

At the inception of ANB Systems, we promised to never stop improving. 2020 may have been a year of immense uncertainty and change, but ANB pledges to remain true to our three pillars: Products, People, and Process.