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ANB Adds Fulfillment to its Array of Services

April 16, 2020

ANB Systems Inc, a leading provider of tracking database and program management software for the energy efficiency industry, has recently added another service to its portfolio of services that enables utilities and implementors of energy efficiency programs to fully outsource their rebate application process.

Over the past 12 years ANB has handled incentive payments of over 5 billion dollars across 700 programs for both large and small utilities nationally. With this new service offering, ANB, as a turnkey provider of rebate fulfillment services, is expanding from just providing the software platform to completing the fulfillment of the applications. The service includes application entry into the platform, validating the applications and ensuring that the criteria met, validating the customer, processing the approval, paying the incentive amounts to the designated payee, and reconciling the payments.

Traditionally ANB provided a tracking software platform that helps utilities and implementors manage and operate their programs successfully. The tracking software, eTRACK+, allows a portfolio manager to set up their different programs in the platform and carry projects through the workflow that includes project application creation, collection/review/inspection of documents, computation of savings, approvals of incentive amounts, and finally transmitting the information to the financial systems for the payment of incentive dollars.

ANB intends to leverage its Document Recognition Management (DRM) platform which automatically recognizes, extracts and converts data from scanned/hard copies of applications as well as supporting evidential documents such as receipts and photographs. DRM streamlines the ingestion of the applications and provides automated validation that is required for an effective process.

ANB’s Technical Reference Manual (eTRM) software platform that accepts data on the installed energy efficiency equipment and computes the appropriate electric/gas savings and validate those incentives all in one go, can also be integrated into the process.

Mr S. Balakrishnan, CEO of ANB said, “The introduction of fulfillment services using our products now makes ANB a one stop shop for small programs that require not only the operation of programs but the complete cycle of data management. ANB is also able to offer the service in a cost-effective manner by offering a per unit cost for the applications processed”.

For further information please contact info@anbsystems.com for a free demo.