Posted on 1st October 2019

ANB Systems, Inc., a leading workflow management solutions provider closely works with utilities and energy efficiency organizations for over a decade.

Posted on 16th August 2019
Posted on 19th April 2019

The workflow management solutions provider looking to increase their staff by 20% at their offshore premises.

Posted on January 9th 2019

The EEPM Team wins the 2018 “ANB Employee of the Year” award. ANB Systems deployed the first version of Energy Efficiency Program Management (EEPM) software for Oncor in 2008 and deployed the Version 2.0 in 2018.

Posted on January 4th 2019

Houston, Texas: With over a decade of experience in energy efficiency and DSM tracking, ANB Systems, Inc. rolls out the next generation workflow management solution of their flagship product – eTRACKplus.

Posted on 5th October 2018

Houston, Texas: In recognition of the third national Energy Efficiency Day, ANB Systems, Inc. is joining the regional and national organizations, businesses, utilities, and individuals working to promote energy efficiency. ANB Systems, Inc. is a proud supporter of energy efficiency day, and have catalyzed utilities to process rebates using the flagship product – eTRACK, a

Posted on 16th July 2018

Distributed Generation has experienced an unprecedented increase in Solar PV installations both in the commercial and residential sectors. Energy providers have been inundated with incoming interconnection applications resulting in increased processing time for the issuance of Permission to Operate (PTO). ANB Systems recently deployed [1] a DER-eTRACK in response to the following market implications: PUC

Posted on 11th May 2018

Technical Reference Manuals (TRMs) play a critical role in the calculation of energy savings for Demand Side Management programs. TRMs published by the respective utility commissions are commonly in the form of an exhaustive hundreds of pages PDF document. Reviewing measure data and calculating energy savings via spreadsheet methods is a time-consuming activity that has

Posted on 19th January 2018

Chennai, India: ANB Systems, Inc., a leader in energy efficiency tracking systems, is planning to increase their offshore strength by an additional 40%, and therefore inaugurating their second premises on the third floor of Khivraj Complex in Nandanam, Chennai adding more seats to their first premise in the same building. The new premises will be fully...

Posted on 18th January 2018

The first Technical Reference Manual (TRM) was developed in 2000 by VEIC[1] to ensure transparency in documenting and reviewing energy efficiency measures. TRMs were generally shared as a spreadsheet, and used by program administrators to calculate energy savings by a consumer, based on the specified energy efficiency measure data. Today, energy providers calculate incentives referencing

Posted on 14th December 2017

The portal is designed to facilitate installers process interconnection agreements with greater efficacy. Sugar Land, TX: ANB Systems, Inc. has released an exclusive portal for Distributed Generation interconnection applications at Oncor. eTRACK, a web-based workflow management system, enables the customer or their designated installer to submit and track the status of their interconnection request through

Posted on 6th December 2017

Sugar Land, TX: December 2017 marks ten years of the Energy Efficiency Program Management (EEPM) software platform used by Oncor to manage and report on their energy efficiency portfolio in Texas. EEPM has evolved over the years to become the system of record for all energy efficiency programs and projects completed at Oncor. ANB Systems’ association

Posted on 5th October 2017

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 4, 2017 ANB SYSTEMS CELEBRATES ENERGY EFFICIENCY DAY 2017 Second Annual EE Day urges Americans to “Save Energy. Save Money.” Sugar Land, TX: In recognition of the second annual national Energy Efficiency Day (EE Day) on October 5, 2017, ANB Systems, Inc. is joining regional and national organizations, businesses, utilities,

Posted on 28th September 2017

Energy efficiency program implementation is becoming more and more sophisticated as the goals for the EE Department and the budgets are increased. An efficient-tracking system is essential for the proper management of the entire portfolio of programs that need to be run by a limited resource pool. The days of managing programs using Microsoft Excel

Posted on 29th August 2017

The demand for energy is relatively higher around this time of the year in most parts of the United States, and organizations want to make sure there is no deterioration in their energy conservation efforts. Certain organizations have dedicated energy management programs, while the majority do not. It is observed that even the most sophisticated