Full Stack Developer

ANB Systems is a leading software provider to the energy industry. Established in 1997, we build and customize state-of-the-art software solutions for demand-side management operations and retail energy services. At ANB, we empower our clients to become data-savvy and realize operational efficiency through the implementation of data-tracking and reporting systems.

Full Stack Developer

23 October, 2018

Job brief

We are looking for full stack developer / senior developer who can contribute towards creating our next generation SaaS platform. The candidate must have strong full-stack application development background.

Key Responsibilities
1) Create UI component specification and work closely with UI/UX designers to build very high quality user interface.
2) Develop reusable web components using HTML/CSS/JS on frameworks such as Vue.js, React.js or Angularjs
3) Test, bundle and deploy front end applications using tools such as mocha, jasmine, webpack.
4) Create REST API specifications using tools such as Swagger.
5) Create RESTful services in nodejs
6) Test and deploy REST API services using tools such as frisby, mocha, TravisCI
7) Create suitable database schemas based on business requirements
8) Build reusable code modules shared across different product teams.

Key requirements
1. 5+ years development experience
2. Strong knowledge of javascript and nodejs environments
3. Strong knowledge in any one JavaScript frameworks such as jQuery, Angular, React.js, Vue.js etc
4. Should have worked with SCCS systems such as git and tfs.
5. Good understanding single page application architecture
6. Good understanding of DOM, JSON and their manipulation
7. Ability to produce high quality and automation tested UI components using javascript frameworks
8. Ability to write back-end code connecting with different database technologies and other internal / external services
9. Good understanding of the uses of in-memory databases / datastores such as redis
10.Good understanding of how scaling works and what it takes to scale different layers of the application such as services and database
11.Proficiency in working with build automation tools such as webpack and yeoman.
12.Strong knowledge of algorithms and proficiency in implementing and using data structures such as queues, stacks and hash-maps.
13.Ability to adhere to a development workflow and participate in code reviews and provide constructive inputs to improve the quality of the code

Nice to have
1) Conceptual understanding of microservices.
2) Functional Programming
a) Functional Composition
b) Higher order functions
3) Fundamentals of ES6
4) Experience in working with MongoDB


Bachelors degree in computer science or equivalent.