Get your energy efficiency tracking system up and running in a few days, not months

Tracking systems are very personal. Every program is unique, every market is different, and every year presents new challenges and opportunities. Every utility and program administrator wants to do things in a different manner molding their programs to the specifics of their customer base.

In the past, tracking systems were custom built to accommodate the specifics of the programs offered. This caused additional challenges because program managers could not change their offerings very quickly, and often had to wait for extended periods for software changes to be made.

Gone are the days when a tracking system had to be custom built for any program administrator. Today, systems are more adaptive and flexible – some more than others. Today’s systems can be categorized into (i) systems built on other platforms, and (ii) proprietary systems.

Systems built on other platforms such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics have the advantage of being able to benefit from the developments in the underlying platforms. On the other hand, they restrict the ability of the program administrator to perfectly tailor the programs to their needs and do the complex computations that are needed for a very efficient tracking system.

eTRACK is a premier energy efficiency track system that is based on the philosophy of configuration rather than development. eTRACK was designed and has evolved based on specific needs of program managers, yet very feature has been made generic so that it can be applied as and when needed. eTRACK’s strength is its ability to track all types of programs for all market segments in one database, thereby opening up a vista of opportunities for operational efficiency, reporting and analytics.

A simple set of programs can be configured in a matter of days and weeks in eTRACK. The most time is consumed in agreeing and transferring the requirements from the program manual and the program manager to the configuration parameters offered by eTRACK. Once that is clearly delineated, the mechanics of setting up the program is quite simple and automated and can be achieved in a few hours at most.

ANB uses a simple approach to launching the eTRACK database. The five steps are shown in the figure below:

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